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About Me

I'm Kyle Petree, your humble host here at Fix Your Camper.  I've been an avid camper for my entire life starting with fishing trips as a child, progressing through Boy Scouts and never ending through adult hood.  About 12 years ago my lovely wife and I purchased our first Camper - a little Casita Spirit Deluxe.  I quickly realized I had to make that little camper "ours" and the modifications began!   

Why You Should Join

If you are anything like me you find it very frustrating trying to find information about how your RV works on the internet.  There are good sources, but to get there you have to dig through mountains of questionable content.  Everyone is pitching their solutions - usually with an ulterior motive.

Social media can be useful - but they control what content you see and collect and sell your information.  Over there, you are the product.  You won't see that here at Fix Your Camper, that is just not what we are about.  We are about providing value to you.

The other problem we are going to solve for is the MASSIVE amount of misinformation out there, typically in social media, forums or other places where campers communicate.  Some things people advise are downright dangerous.   

I've had enough and decided to do something better for us all.    This is going to be a place where you can get unbiased, honest advice on issues or modifications for your camper.   We want to give you EVERYTHING you need to get the most from your RV camper.